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Feature Film, AT 2009, Farbe, 94 min.
Diagonale 2010

Director: Johann Selikovsky, Nikolai Selikovsky
Script: Johann Selikovsky, Nikolai Selikovsky
Cast: Nikolai Selikovsky, Teresa Blaschke, Lukas Hammerschmid, Elisabeth Schuster, Wolfgang Böck u.a.
Camera: Johann Selikovsky
Editor: Nikolai Selikovsky
Location Sound: Mohsan Nasiri
Music: Georg Gauß
Sounddesign: Peter Rösner
Producers: Johann Selikovsky
Production: Selikovsky-Filmproduktion


Niko is 19, sexually inexperienced and has his parent’s home all to himself. A romantic candlelight dinner with the beautiful Angelina seems the perfect moment for the night of nights that he has been desperately yearning for. But it doesn’t quite go according to plan. Angelina brings her friend Sophie, and as if that wasn’t enough, his best friend Luke realises the potential of the “unguarded” property and plans a party to remember. A film that aims squarely at a young audience.

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