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Feature Film, AT 2008, Farbe, 102 min., eOF
Diagonale 2009

Director: Joshua Sinclair
Script: Joshua Sinclair
Cast: Patrick Swayze, Ben Silverstone Martine McCutcheon, Heinz Hoenig Stefanie Powers, Richard Johnson u.a.
Camera: Gianlorenzo Battaglia
Editor: David Purviance
Location Sound: Michael Wollmann
Music: Kevin Kaska
Sounddesign: Herold Studios
Producers: Richard Johnson, Joshua Sinclair, Lilly Berger
Production: LWB Media
Co-production: The Oliver Corporation (UK & US)


When the 22-year-old Phillippe Halsman, from Zillertal, returns from the mountains without his father, he is charged with his murder. Halsman is Jewish, and in a time of increasing anti-semitism, many immediately presume his guilt. His situation seems almost hopeless when the lawyer Richard Pressburger, who is also Jewish, takes up his defence. With a large contingent of prominent people speaking for him, including Thomas Mann and Sigmund Freud, and as the world's press watches with baited breath, he fights for the release of his client, who would later go on to find worldwide fame as a photographer to the stars.