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The Passing of the Third Floor Back
Feature Film, UK 1935, Schwarzweiß, 90 min., OF
Diagonale 2009

Director: Berthold Viertel
Script: Alma Reville, Michael Hogan, Anna Gmeyner (ungenann), (nach dem Stück von Jerome K. Jerome)
Cast: Conrad Veidt, Anna Lee, René Ray, Frank Cellier, John Turnbull, Cathleen Nesbitt u.a.
Camera: Curt Courant
Editor: Derek N. Twist
Location Sound: F. McNally
Music: Hubert Bath
Production Design: Oscar Friedrich Werndorff
Producers: Ivor Montagu, Michael Balcon
Production: Gaumont-British Picture Corporation


The script differs a great deal from the play, and also from Herbert Brenon's first filming of the same material in 1918. While relationships in Jerome's comedy of social criticism remain completely fluid, the scriptwriters gaze is directed mainly at the differences in class between the tenants – not least because they may encapsulate both Viertel's and Gmeyner's political views. (Gerd Gemünden)