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Inzwischen Ihr
Short Film, AT 2008, Schwarzweiß, 13 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2009

Director, Script: Paul Meschuh
Cast: Alexandra Martini, Cornelia von Pappenheim, Philip Meier, Sergius Buckmeier, Marie Zrenner, Martin Reicht u.a.
Camera: Michael Heinz
Editor: Peter Kerschhackel
Location Sound: Johannes Stelzl, Constantin Kraus
Sounddesign: Andreas Fabianek, Gerhard Auer
Production Design: Anna Wagner
Costumes: Rabea Schäfers
Producers: Dominikus Steinbichler
Production: HFF München (DE)


Sixteen-year-old Michaela, despite her young age, must take on the role of an adult. Without her help, her deaf and mentally unstable mother would be unable to raise her brother. The needs of the family push her own needs into the background. Filmed in black and white with a handheld camera, @i:Inzwischen Ihr:i@ concentrates on the events of a single evening; an evening when Michaela and her boyfriend want to go to a party, but once again everything turns out different.

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