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Feature Film, AT 2008, Farbe, 83 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2009

Director: Peter Jaitz
Script: Peter Jaitz, Libertad Hackl
Cast: Robert Reinagl, Andreas Winter, Sissi Noé, Lara Felsenreich, Clemens von Baeckmann u.a.
Camera: Michael Schindegger
Editor: Anja Schürenberg
Location Sound: Thomas Egger, Matthias Ermert, Wolfgang Mohaupt
Music: Alexander Kral
Sounddesign: Thomas Egger, Laura Endress
Producers: Lucia Schrenk
Production: Filmakademie Wien


Alex, a man in his early 30s, casually quits his job and doesn’t really know why. Hans, a police officer, knows what he wants, but can’t or won't get it anymore. And filmmaker Siggi can imagine almost anything. Two and a half stories about observing and being observed.