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Innerer Monolog
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 2008, Farbe, 7 min., eOF
Diagonale 2009

Director, Script, Editor: Annja Krautgasser [n:ja]
Cast: Sprecherin: Kathryn Nightingall
Camera: Dariusz Kowalski
Sounddesign: Martin Siewert
Producers: Annja Krautgasser [n:ja]


Put together from almost identical footage, the videos @i:Beyond:i@ and @i:Innerer Monolog:i@ give two different perspectives on a building in the 15th district of Vienna that has been largely ignored by architectural history until now. The flicker of a welding torch is the only source of illumination for architect Rudolf Schmied's night-cloaked electricity substation. Something hidden comes to the surface, carried by the atmospheric backdrop of sound.