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Bye Bye, Bowser
Short Film, AT 2023, Farbe, 20 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2023

Director: Jasmin Baumgartner
Script: Lorenz Uhl
Cast: Luna Jordan, Laurence Hadschieff, Judith Altenberger, Tilman Tuppy
Camera: Anna Hawliczek
Editor: Matthias Writze
Music: Enzo Gaier, Matthias Oldofredi, The Sentimental Fail Club House Band
Sounddesign: Jón H. Geirfinnsson
Production Design: Marlene Oberneder
Costumes: Marlene Oberneder
Additional Credits: Zusätzliche Kamera: Adrian Bidron, Johannes Hoss, Ioan Gavriel Maske: Tom Mayr
Producers: Dominic Spitaler
Production: ostblok GesbR


Across from Luna’s window, a builder who is the same age as she is, works on the scaffolding of a construction site. The young punk singer writeshim a love song and then decides to meet him Bye Bye, Bowser is a wild musical ride, a cheeky, self-ironic tragicomedy and the light-footed and heart-warming story of an unusual flirt.

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