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Prämien auf den Tod
Feature Film, AT 1949, Schwarzweiß, 85 min., dOF
Diagonale 2022

Director: Curd Jürgens
Script: Kurt Heuser, Curd Jürgens
Cast: Siegfried Breuer, Judith Holzmeister, Werner Krauß, Curd Jürgens, Felix Steinböck, Edith Mill, Josef Meinrad, Gisela Wilke, Melanie Horeschovsky, Hermann Thimig, Gusti Wolf, Mimi Stelzer
Camera: Günther Anders, Hannes Staudinger
Editor: Herma Sandtner
Location Sound: Martin Krämer
Music: Willy Schmidt-Gentner
Additional Credits: Bauten: Werner Schlichting, Isabella Ploberger Produktionsleitung: Herbert Sennewald
Production: Alpenfilm Austria, Graz


Film noir made in Thaliwood. We experience the mental breakdown of insurance agent Peter Lissen who aims high by signing contracts with non-existent people to collect their premiums after their “deaths.” However, the scammer’s first fictitious person leads to his downfall. Prämien auf den Tod is actor Curd Jürgens’s directing debut produced by Alpenfilm Austria, Graz.