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Der Onkel/The Hawk
Feature Film, AT/DE 2022, Farbe, 105 min.
Diagonale 2022

Director: Helmut Köpping, Michael Ostrowski
Script: Michael Ostrowski, Helmut Köpping
Cast: Anke Engelke, Michael Ostrowski, Simon Schwarz, Hilde Dalik, Elisea Ostrowski, Maris Ostrowski, Gerhard Polt, Barbara Meier, Mechthild Grossmann, Lisa Lena Tritscher, Florian Köhler, uvm.
Camera: Wolfgang Thaler
Editor: Alarich Lenz
Location Sound: Didi Zuson
Music: Zebo Adam
Sounddesign: Matz Müller, Erik Mischijew, Thomas Pötz
Production Design: Verena Wagner
Costumes: Martina List
Producers: Tommy Pridnig, Peter Wirthensohn, Klemens Hallmann, Marc Hansell, Florian Gebhardt
Production: Lotus-Film
Co-production: Hallmann Entertainment Company Film House Germany (DE) Gebhardt Productions


When his brother falls into a coma, Mike, who has been missing for years (both played by Michael Ostrowski) settles in with his sister-in-law and her family. More than just chaos moves in along with Mike, who has come to help—mainly himself. Der Onkel/The Hawk is a wild genre play in which all morals are driven against the wall with the Ford Escort. A star-studded cast—Michael Ostrowski, Anke Engelke, Gerhard Polt, Simon Schwarz, and Hilde Dalik, among others—comes to a showdown in gag staccato. Lucky Strike for Lucky Mike. Or in other words: The eagle has landed!

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