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Bitte warten
Documentary Film, AT 2020, Farbe, 86 min., 09.06. OmeU/11.06. OmdU
Diagonale 2021

Director, Script, Camera, Location Sound: Pavel Cuzuioc
Cast: Ghenadie Mardari, Oleg Chumak, Ionut Fotin, Marius Marcovici, Georgi Tcholakov
Editor: Samira Ghahremani
Sounddesign: Atanas Tcholakov
Additional Credits: Farbkorrektur: Andi Winter Graphics & SFX: Denis Bartenev
Producers: Pavel Cuzuioc
Production: Pavel Cuzuioc Filmproduktion


Traveling from household to household, cable technicians solve minor and major problems. Sometimes, however, there’s a bit of time for personal contact, a vodka, musing over human existence. Pavel Cuzuioc accompanied several of these service providers on their way through Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, and the Ukraine. What emerged is an entertaining excursion into diverse microcosms: enchanted houses in the woods, living rooms of jolted women, and the parlors of dedicated tinkerers.

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