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Bato Nebo
Short Documentary Film, AT 2021, Farbe, 15 min., kein Dialog
Diagonale 2021

Director: Luzia Johow
Cast: Levan Bitarovi, Ana Chamgeliani, Madona Chamgeliani, Lasha Bedenashivili, Shorena Abuselidze, Zviad Ardzenadze, Lloyd O'Hanlon, Khatia Turmanidze, Jemal Turmanidze, Ioane Chamgeliani, Kakha Chamgeliani, Temur Ardzenadze, Jeiran Phirtskhelani, Nikoloz Turmanidze, Amiran Turmanidze, Melek Turmanidze , Marina Dumbadze, Aleks Dumbadze, Chabuki Dumbadze, Salome Dumbadze
Camera: Germaine Haller
Editor: Luzia Johow, Kaspar Panizza
Location Sound: Cristian Iorga
Sounddesign: Cristian Iorga
Additional Credits: Tonmischung: Matthias Ermert Farbkorrektur: Dimitri Aschwanden Exkursionsleitung: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrich Morgenstern wissenschaftliche Supervision: Nino Razmadze
Producers: Luzia Johow
Production: Filmakademie Wien


Mountain mist in the morning in a rural region of Georgia: people wake up, the landscape becomes visible, and voices peel from the soft, set sounds of the commencing day. A series of traditional songs performed in a collective forms the backbone of the film, which without any romantic glorification tells of a special form of many-voiced cooperation.