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Frankfurt Kaiserstraße
Feature Film, BRD 1981, Farbe, 87 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2021

Director: Roger Fritz
Script: Georg Ensor
Cast: Michaela Karger, Dave Belko, Hanno Pöschl, Ute Zielinski, Kurt Raab u. a.
Camera: Ernst W. Kalinke, Fritz Baader
Editor: Karl Aulitzky
Music: Asha Puthli
Producers: Fred Zenker


Susanne, 17 years old, is sick of living in the countryside and follows her friend into the dangers of the city. There, she stays with her uncle, who together with his friend runs a flower shop on one of the craziest miles in Frankfurt. She soon falls into the clutches of Johnny (Hanno Pöschl), a Viennese underworld king. Roger Fritz tells the love story of two young people in a society in which those who are on the bottom have to stick together.