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Erwin, Toni, Ilse
Innovative Cinema Short, AT 1969, Schwarzweiß, 9 min., kein Dialog
Diagonale 2020

Director: Friedl vom Gröller


The program brings together films and videos from Vienna and Los Angeles. Originally compiled under the title Two Journeys by the filmmakers Viktoria Schmid and Lisa Truttmann (The Golden Pixel Cooperative, Vienna) and Rebecca Baron and Nora Sweeney (Los Angeles), focus has shifted toward a historical perspective and the question of role models and different schools in both cities and their settings. Two Journeys Revisited is thus a supplement to and commentary on the exhibition “Where art might happen. The early years of CalArts,” which is being shown during the Diagonale at the Kunsthaus Graz.

This film would have been part of the program „Two Journeys Revisited. Wo Kunst geschehen kann. Die frühen Jahre des CalArts“ in the Diagonale’20 series In Reference.

Two Journeys Revisited
Wo Kunst geschehen kann. Die frühen Jahre des CalArts

Ciao Bella or Fuck Me Dead (R: Betzy Bromberg, US 1978)
Was ausgestellt wird (R: Nathalie Koger, AT 2012)
Bad Mama Who Cares (R: Brigid MacCaffrey, US 2016)
Erwin, Toni, Ilse (R: Friedl vom Gröller, AT 1969)
Transfer (Monument Valley) (R: Dorit Margreiter, AT/US 2016)
Exil (R: Rosa John, AT 2016)
-5°C 40% rF (R: Simona Obholzer, AT 2017)
It’s going to be beautiful (R: Luis Gutiérrez Arias, John Henry Theisen, MX/US 2018)
When It Rains (R: Charles Burnett, US 1995)

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