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Innovative Cinema Short, AT/IT 2002, Schwarzweiß, 10 min., kein Dialog
Diagonale 2020

Director: Lotte Schreiber


City and (holiday-)desire—from Austria to the Adriatic coast. In 1976, for the ORF, Bernhard Frankfurter accompanied four Austrian families on their holiday in Bibione. Decades later, not far from the “Austrian” beach, Lotte Schreiber surveys a concrete high-rise over the coast of Trieste. Back in Linz, Edith Stauber observes the leisure activities at the public swimming pool. Everyday life and escape: the ocean’s there under the pavement.

This film would have been part of the program „Unter dem Pflaster liegt das Meer“ in the Diagonale’20 historical special Sehnsucht 2020 – City and Desire.

Unter dem Pflaster liegt das Meer
Eintritt zum Paradies um 3€20 (R: Edith Stauber, AT 2008)
Wie Sand am Meer – Familiennotizen aus Urlaub und Alltag (R: Bernhard Frankfurter, AT 1976)
quadro (R: Lotte Schreiber, AT/IT 2002)

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