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Mária Vörösben (Mary in Red)
Innovative Cinema Short, AT/HU 2018, Farbe, 29 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2019

Director, Script, Cast, Camera, Editor, Location Sound: Eszter Katalin
Additional Credits: Kamerassistentinnen: Lilli Sagi, Katalin Toma Nato-Stacheldrahtproduktion: found footage Dank an: Simone Bader Dmytro Fedorenko Patricia Gerger Miguel González Cabezas Costas Kekis Magali Moreau Maria Lisa Pichler Lilli Sagi Moritz Simons Katalin Toma
Producers: Eszter Katalin
Production: keine


The prison in Márianosztra has been producing NATO barbed-wire since September 2015. Eszter Katalin visits the Hungarian village to make visible the site’s history there, in its presence: A past in which imprisoned communist women were castigated under the supervision of nuns, and later also deported. “The same gestures on the same places.” Mária Vörösben is a memorial to these women.

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