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Shqipëria – Notizen aus Albanien
Documentary Film, AL/AT 2012, Farbe, 72 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2013

Director: Klaus Hübner, Alfred Zacharias
Script: Klaus Hübner, Alfred Zacharias
Cast: mit: Sokol Koçeku, Chris Whichelo, Pavlin und Liliana Polia, Hasan Brroca u.a.
Camera: Alfred Zacharias
Editor: Klaus Hübner, Alfred Zacharias
Location Sound: Klaus Hübner
Music: Falm
Producers: Alfred Zacharias, Klaus Hübner, Alba Cepani
Production: Evolver Film
Co-production: Alfred Zacharias Filmproduktion (ehem. Some Footage Film)


A hundred years as a state, fifty years in isolation and twenty more as a market economy. Often, the diversity, beauty and incongruity of Albania become skewed by its long history of conflict. Klaus Hübner and Alfred Zacharias dedicate them- selves to what is perhaps the last “uncharted territory” on the European map. Visual and audio sketches intertwine to create a vivid outpouring of stories, which is sweeping yet inevitably incomplete.

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