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Preisträger Innovativ
Innovative Cinema, 2017, Farbe, 30 min.
Diagonale 2017

Director, Script: Katrina Daschner
Cast: Hyo Lee, Nora Safranek, Sushila Mesquita, Gisi Hakanson, Denise Kottlett
Camera: Hannes Böck
Editor: Katrina Daschner, Hannes Böck
Additional Credits:
Tonmischung: Oliver Stotz


In a surreal montage of fragments of animal and human bodies, Katrina Daschner’s Pferdebusen intensifies to a sensual-metaphoric discourse about psychosexual ambivalence, models for femininity, fantasies of fear and lust, desire and the repression of urges. Exchange and touching via an exchange of glances. Then the eruption: out of the picture, into freedom.