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Lettre à Mohamed
Short Documentary Film, AT/BE/TN 2013, Farbe+SW, 35 min., Omeu
Diagonale 2014

Director: Christine Moderbacher
Script: Christine Moderbacher
Camera: Christine Moderbacher, Hamadi Bousselmi
Editor: Marie Cordenier
Location Sound: Tonaufnahmen: Madelief de Heer
Producers: Cyril Bibas
Production: CVB – Centre Vidéo Bruxelles


Filmed after the Tunisian Revolution, Lettre à Mohamed is a poetic journey through a troubled country. Between dictatorship and first democratic elections, the film depicts a landscape of disillusionment, but also of humor and hope. It is a compilation of fragments surrounding the aftermath of a revolution, intercut with a letter about the personal impressions of the filmmaker’s journey. (Production note)