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Quality Time
Short Film, AT 2021, Farbe, 16 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2022

Director, Editor: Sophia Hochedlinger
Script: Sophia Hochedlinger, Isa Schieche
Cast: Levin Hofmann, Rebecca Hammermüller, Tobias Reder
Camera: Michael Seidl
Location Sound: Viktoria Pflüglmayer
Music: Filonas Baschant, Ånsgar, Gabriel Pointner
Sounddesign: Katharina Pichler und Philipp Feichtinger
Production Design: Katja Bozic
Costumes: Katja Bozic
Additional Credits: Assistenz, Catering und Fahrten: Gabriel Reder, Jonas Metwally, Alma Hofmann Grafik: Sarah Oos Dank an: Vicky Krenn, Grauwerk, Elena Wolff, Joachim Smetschka, Raphael Mateju
Producers: Sophia Hochedlinger
Production: Grauwerk


Friends out for a drive, the plan is to have fun. However, Pichler, Demian, and Ida aren’t in a hurry to force anything; they’ve known each other too long for that. It’s enough to stay warm in the icy headwinds (the roof of the convertible is broken) and forget for a moment that especially in company, we are very much alone with ourselves. This film is true quality time.

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