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In Trout We Dust
Short Documentary Film, AT 2019, Farbe, 34 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2019

Director, Script, Editor, Location Sound, Sounddesign: Dieter Kovačič
Cast: Kai Fagaschinski, Michael Thieke, Christian Kesten, Andrea Neumann, J.F. Pichard, Tobias Herold, Sebastian Rotzler, Marion Innocenzi
Camera: Dieter Kovačič, Billy Roisz
Music: The International Nothing (...and Something)
Additional Credits: Soundmastering: Martin Siewert Untertitel: Friederike Kulcsar, Kimi Lum, Dieter Kovačič
Producers: Dieter Kovačič
Production: Dieter Kovačič


Tour documentation, making-of for an album, portrait of a band? Dieter Kovačič’s film is somehow all of that but then also not. In Trout We Dust accompanies The International Nothing, a clarinet duo, on a tour and tells of the production of an album, but ultimately what it does—in its unconventional form—is make tangible the breath of an atmosphere centered around this music.