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Rendezvous im Salzkammergut
Feature Film, AT 1948, Schwarzweiß, 91 min.
Diagonale 2018

Director: Alfred Stöger
Script: Aldo von Pinelli
Cast: Herta Mayen, Inge Konradi, Hans Holt, Josef Meinrad, Elisabeth Markus
Camera: Ludwig Berger
Music: Robert Stolz


Summer time is holiday time — the two secretaries, Fritzi and Gretl, head off for St. Gilgen. Since they have gambled away most of their travel money at the harness racing track, they decide to hitchhike there. However, this plan means they separate: Fritzi arrives first and is mistaken for the new waitress. She thereby falls in love with Peter, the hotel boss’s son — who is actually engaged to Gretl. In the meantime, Gretl is getting to know the photographer Thomas.