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Neon Mix
Feature Film, AT 1982, Farbe, 66 min.
Diagonale 2017

Director: Peter Gruber
Script: Günter Brödl
Camera: Rudolf Murth
Production: ORF


WTF-TV in its purest form. In a kind of Austrian Rock ’n’ Roll Swindle, an ad company searches for the next big hot thing and has a gnarly Doctor Rock searching for the New Wave-boyband du jour. A hilarious cheapskate pop fantasy featuring the very real Viennese punk-group legend Chuzpe.

Television has been a part of our society for the past sixty years and its productions are also always representations of time-based discourse. We have dug three treasures of an often underrated pop culture from the depths of ORF’s television archive: an artist’s portrait that goes under your skin, then the staging of the musician as musician, a garish Neon Mix of shrill impromptu concerts and dubious fashion statements. Finally, a gem of political satire by the band Schmetterlinge.

1000 Beat Film As romping grounds for ideologies and identities, pop has become more topical again as a venue for political and social debates. “1000 Beat Film”, searches for pop motifs in Austrian film and summons a pleasurable (re)reading of its moving images – between anarchy in the pubs and hedonism in the suburban disco.

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