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Feature Film, AT 2017, Farbe, 104 min., 29.03.: dOF / 01.04.: OmeU
Diagonale 2017

Director, Script: Monja Art
Cast: Elisabeth Wabitsch, Anaelle Dézsy, Alexandra Schmidt, Alexander Wychodil, Leo Plankensteiner, Christopher Schärf, Bogdan Hrnjak, Musa Ramadanoski, Magdalena Wabitsch, Daniel Press, Martina Poel, Reinhard Nowak, Clara Luzia
Camera: Caroline Bobek
Editor: Monja Art, Claudia Linzer
Location Sound: Hjalti Bager-Jonathansson
Sounddesign: Bernd Dormayer, Michael Schreiber
Production Design: Conrad Moritz Reinhardt
Costumes: Christine Ludwig
Producers: Ulrich Gehmacher
Production: Orbrock Filmproduktion


In a Lower Austrian hicksville, seventeen-year-old Paula’s paths to school, town disco, and teenage bedroom are already long worn thin. But suddenly, love makes a lot of things new, and in a state of desire, everything seems possible. SIEBZEHN is the finely balanced tempest description of an unrivaled moment.

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