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Feature Film, AT 2015, Farbe, 93 min.
Diagonale 2016

Director: Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl
Script: Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl, nach gleichnamigem Roman von Cornelia Travnicek
Cast: Anna Posch, Markus Subramaniam, Thomas Schubert, Stefanie Reinsperger, Susi Stach, Lola Khittl, David Süss, Karl Fischer, Gerald Votava, Barbara Gassner, Alice Schneider, Paul Matic
Camera: Wolfgang Thaler
Editor: Roland Stöttinger
Location Sound: Hjalti Bager-Jonathansson
Music: Soap&Skin, Hella Comet, Monsterheart, Julian & der Fux, Propella, Chrome, Bilderbuch, Clara Luzia, APPARAT, Matthew Herbert
Sounddesign: Ingo Pusswald
Production Design: Nikolai Ritter
Costumes: Monika Buttinger
Producers: Danny Krausz, Kurt Stocker, Sabine Hiebler, Gerhard Ertl
Production: Dor Film
Co-production: Hiebler-Ertl Film


Young Mae walks through the streets of Vienna as a punk, in her dead brother’s Converse sneakers. She lives on canned beer, spray paints walls, and has a go at poetry slams. She’s interested in living on the edge, not middle class life. While working off a punishment at an institution providing support and care for people with Aids, she meets Paul who is extremely ill — and falls in love with him. A humor-filled story about growing up between love and death, at times seditiously loud, then thoroughly tender again. Production notes

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