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Holz Erde Fleisch
Documentary Film, AT 2016, Farbe, 72 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2016

Director, Script, Editor: Sigmund Steiner
Camera: Michael Schindegger
Location Sound: Pavel Cuzuioc
Sounddesign: Michael Schreiber
Additional Credits: Dramaturgische Beratung: Barbara Kaufmann, Katharina Mückstein
Producers: Flavio Marchetti, Katharina Mückstein, Michael Schindegger, Natalie Schwager, Sigmund Steiner
Production: La Banda Film OG


“My father always said that you can only understand a farmer when you’ve spent time with him in the woods. Or on the field. Or in the Alpine pasture.” In the search for the essence of his own father, Sigmund Steiner accompanies three farmers as they carry out their work. Contemplative close-ups and intimate interviews make the cycle of life and death tangible in all of its dimensions: in the rhythm of nature, in the change of generations. A loving portrait of a difficult father-son relationship.

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