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The Robber Symphony
Feature Film, GB 1936, Schwarzweiß, 143 min., eOF
Diagonale 2015

Director, Music: Friedrich Feher
Script: Friedrich Feher, Anton Kuh
Cast: Hans Feher, Magda Sonja, Alexandre Rignault, Michael Martin Harvey, Tela Tchaï, George Graves, Françoise Rosay
Camera: Eugen Schüfftan
Location Sound: Stanley Attkins
Production Design: Ernő Metzner
Producers: Robert Wiene
Production: Concordia Films


A surrealist musical fantasy about a gang of robbers who are searching for a treasure hidden in little Giannino’s pianola. “Restless, scatterbrained, amusing, boring, cheap, lyrical, farcical – Herr Feher’s The Robber Symphony is certainly the most interesting film of the last twelve months” (Graham Greene, The Spectator, 1936).

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