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Kameni Grad – Stadt aus Stein
Documentary Film, AT 1994, Farbe, 76 min., dOF
Diagonale 2023

Director, Script: Reinhard Jud
Cast: Alma Kostreba, Branko Andric Jr., Dragan Vujic, Kristian Vrecic, Marina Pavlovic, Mirela Kudic, Nenad Gizdavic, Sasa Budimirovic u.a.
Camera: Wolfgang Lehner
Editor: Karina Ressler
Location Sound: Alexander Biedermann
Music: Kim Pil-Jung, Blow, Schönheitsfehler, Wipeout, Fetish 69
Additional Credits: Sprecherin: Marina Pavlovic Musikalische Mitarbeit: Christian Fetish
Producers: Heinz Stussak, Michael Seeber
Production: Prisma Filmproduktion


Vienna in summer of 1994, Reinhard Jud accompanies a handful of teens shortly before and during the summer holidays to their workplaces, classrooms, their favorite clubs and bars, parks, and to the swimming pool. The young people, who all have roots in the former Yugoslavia, design the conversation sequences, while the contextual cohesion comes from the narrating voice of Marina, one of the protagonists, and from the music by Schönheitsfehler, Fetish 69, Blow, Kim Pil-Jung, and Wipeout.

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