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Cornetto im Gras
Short Film, AT 2023, Farbe, 30 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2023

Director, Script: David Lapuch
Cast: Marlene Hauser, Thomas Schubert, Karl Fischer, Harry Lampl, Julian Sark, Alexandra Schmidt, Mona Kospach, Lukas Walcher, Benjamin Hable
Camera: Vincent Seidl
Editor: David Lapuch, Vincent Seidl
Location Sound: Florian Jaritz
Music: Paul Plut
Sounddesign: Florian Jaritz
Production Design: Rafael Baumgartner
Costumes: Andrea Meschik
Additional Credits: Maske: Stephi Schreiber Regieassistenz: Katharina Brunner Aufnahmeleitung: Markus Seereiter Maskenassistenz: Charlotte Malessardi, Ines Abraham Kostüm- und Ausstattungsassistenz: Veronika Müller-Hauszer, Theresa Thomaschütz Farbkorrektur: Rafael Starman Tonmischung: Florian Jaritz, Lukas Hasiba Beleuchter: Marvin Busta 1. Kameraassistenz: Martin Schneider 2. Kameraassistenz: Miran Maric Tonassistenz: Lukas Hasiba, Aaron Nossek Produktionsassistenz: Anna Wochinz, Neo Klinger, Jan Winterheller
Producers: Vincent Seidl


In his exhilarating tragicomedy, David Lapuch blends apparently disparate elements: mundane matters with meaningful ones, existentialism with comedy—and a rather unappetizing muffin with beer. Richard, a young man who leads a fairly ordinary village life, takes care of his grandfather and a sausage stand at the sports field. Within just one evening, his life becomes unhinged, and he finds out that within every ending is a beginning.

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