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Signs of War
Documentary Film, AT/NL/UA 2022, Farbe, 83 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2022

Director: Juri Rechinsky, Pierre Crom
Script: Juri Rechinsky, Barbara Caspar
Camera: Serhiy Stefan Stetsenko, Pierre Crom
Editor: Juri Rechinsky
Location Sound: Bohdan Barakovskykh
Music: Anton Baibakov
Sounddesign: Peter Utvary
Additional Credits: Fotografien, Videos: Pierre Crom Title Design: Katya Slonova Production Manager Ukraine: Dmytro Kovalyov 1st AD: Yana Suska Camera Operators: Vadym Smarchenko, Mishko Lubarsky, Kostiantyn Mokhnach Interpreters: Oksana Leuta, Kateryna Rohova Sound Research: Kate Herasymchuk Color Grading und Mastering: Raimund Sievetz
Producers: Barbara Caspar, Martin Maier, Pierre Crom, Juri Rechinsky
Production: fragile features (AT)
Co-production: Martin Maier Media (AT)


Pierre Crom reports. In 2014, the photojournalist traveled to Ukraine to document the imminent conflict on the eastern border. “There is nothing that can protect you from what you see,” he says, capturing his first war. Juri Rechinsky shows Crom in an extensive interview, which together with his haunting photos and an unnerving score quickly develops an extremely grim pull.

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