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Die Totenschmecker
Feature Film, DE 1979, Farbe, 85 min., dOF
Diagonale 2022

Director: Ernst Ritter von Theumer sen. aka Richard Jackson
Script: Richard Jackson
Cast: William Berger, Herb Andress, Hedwig Blum, Peter Jacob, Maria Beck u. a.
Camera: Joe Stemmer
Music: Joachim Ludwig


An extremely gloomy and foul “Alpensaga”, which makes absolutely no claims to morality or political correctness awaits those brave souls who con-sider indulging in this insane 1970s blend of Heimat film and Texas Chain Saw Massacre: in Die Totenschmecker the idyllic illusion of a tranquil mountain farm deceives, and the inner-family conflicts boil over when a group of Roma set up their camp close by. With this horror flick, director Richard Jackson drives the topos of the classical Heimat film ad absurdum.