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Room Without a View
Documentary Film, AT/DE 2021, Farbe, 73 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2022

Director, Script: Roser Corella
Camera: Roser Corella, Alfonso Moral
Editor: Ginés Olivares
Location Sound: Florian Kläger
Music: Paul Frick
Sounddesign: Gábor Ripli
Producers: Florian Kläger, Ana Catalá
Production: moving mountains films


Calculated into the layout are tiny, low-ceilinged rooms intended for the so-called “maids.” A quarter-million of these maids hire themselves out to private households in Lebanon. The women are from African nations, Bangladesh, and the Philippines. A modern form of human trafficking and slavery, which director Roser Corella examines from multiple perspectives. Her goal: making visible what happens behind the curtains.

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