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Mein Hosenschlitz ist offen. Wie mein Herz.
Short Film, AT 2022, Farbe, 28 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2022

Director, Script: Marie Luise Lehner
Cast: Miriam Weiss, Anna Wolkig, Ekaterina Heider, Hyeji Nam
Camera: Simone Hart
Editor: Jana Libnik
Location Sound: Flora Rajakowitsch, Victoria Grohs
Music: Dacid Go8lin, Tami T
Sounddesign: Victoria Grohs, Flora Rajakowitsch
Costumes: Camilla Smolders
Additional Credits: weitere Darsteller*innen: Mina Strom, Dacid Go8lin, Ezra Sanftsrom
Producers: Saskia Arth, Marie Luise Lehner


Marie Luise Lehner stages a queer body festival of feminine lust originating from the protagonist’s desire, which is aimed at a sexy woman bartender. In doing so, she examines gender images that erotically and humorously deviate from rusty norms and breathes new life into sex in the cinema.

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