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Feature Film, AT/CZ 2020, Farbe, 167 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2020

Director: Marvin Kren
Script: Benjamin Hessler, Stefan Brunner, Marvin Kren
Cast: Robert Finster, Ella Rumpf, Georg Friedrich, Christoph Krutzler, Brigitte Kren, Anja Kling, Philipp Hochmair, Stefan Konarske u. a.
Camera: Markus Nestroy
Editor: Jan Hille, Olivia Retzer, Christoph Loidl, Bettina Mazakarini
Music: Stefan Will, Marco Dreckkötter
Sounddesign: Manuel Grandpierre, Reinhard Schweiger, Philipp Mosser
Production Design: Verena Wagner
Costumes: Max Wohlkönig
Additional Credits: Maske: Daniela Skala, Martin Geisler
Producers: Heinrich Ambrosch, Marvin Kren, Moritz Polter, Sonja Hofmann
Production: Satel Film
Co-production: Bavaria Fiction (DE), MIA Film S.R.O. (CZ), ORF, Netflix


In his mystery thriller series Freud Marvin Kren stages the title hero as an ambitious doctor at the start of his career who experiments with cocaine and is considered a charlatan in reactionary circles. When he becomes entangled in a series of mysterious murder cases, he soon finds himself in the midst of a murderous conspiracy that keeps Vienna in suspense. The Diagonale will show the first three of the eight episodes of this international coproduction.

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