Previous Script Prize Winners


Award winners of the Carl Mayer Screenwriting Prizes

2023: Franziska Pflaum and Thomas Mratz for the Treatment Basta

2022: Manuel Wetscher (together with co-author Bernhard Jarosch) for the Treatment Eklipse

2021: Pipi Fröstl for the Treatment (w)hole

2020: Josef Kleindienst for the Treatment Die Verkündung

2019:  Jessica Lind for the Treatment Der Tag, an dem der Regen kam

2018:  Johannes Höß und Clara Stern for the Treatment Hacklerstreich

2017: Evi Romen for the Treatment Hochwald

2016: Clara Stern for the Treatment Training

2015: Siegmund Skalar for the Treatment Die Stille

2014: Tina Leisch for the Treatment Vom Anblick der Waffen versprach ich mir Hände 
as well as Wolfgang Muhr for the Treatment 
Mehr als allein 
as well as Rainer Weidlinger for the Treatment Reise nach Mond

2013: Monja Art for the Treatment Siebzehn

2012: Christoph Brunner and Kevin Lutz for the Treatment Constantin Nikolaus Bickermann

2011: Jakob Pretterhofer for the Treatment Überleben

2010: Wolfgang Rupert Muhr for the Treatment Grossmattglocknerhorn

2009: Richard Schuberth for the Treatment Claudia schafft das schon

2008: Markus Mörth for the Treatment Pony

2007: Thomas Reider for the  Treatment Stillleben

2006: Thomas Weingartner for the Treatment Immer nie am Meer

2005: Andrina Mračnikar for the Treatment Ma Folie
as well as Martin Leidenfrost and Ruth Mader for the Treatment Serviam – Ich will dienen

2004: Richard Schuberth for the Treatment Handy-Geschichten

2002 and 2003 : not awarded

2001: Gregor Stadlober for the Treatment Kotsch

2000: Gabriele Neudecker for the Treatment Namenlos


Award winners of the Carl Mayer Screenwriting Prize for New Authors

2023: Stefan Bohun for the Treatment Perfect match

2022: Maximilian Fürst for the Treatment Die Familie Hasanovic

2021: Tobias Langer for the Treatment Der Garten Eden

2020: Jan Prazak for the Treatment Flat Mates

2019: Ulrike Kofler for the Treatment Full House

2017: Nikolaus Müller for the Treatment Rote Wand

2016: Franziska Pflaum und Roman Gielke for the Treatment Schneegestöber

2015: Matthias Writze and Michael Podogil for the Treatment The Power of Love

2014: Tina Leisch for the Treatment Vom Anblick der Waffen versprach ich mir Hände 
as well as Wolfgang Muhr for the Treatment 
Mehr als allein 
as well as Rainer Weidlinger for the Treatment Reise nach Mond

2013: Achmed Abdel-Salam for the Treatment Der Rand

2012: Hüseyin Tabak for the Treatment Es war einmal in Wien

2011: Markus Mörth for the Treatment Geschwister

2010: Henning Backhaus for the Treatment Kinderszenen

2009: Albert Meisl for the Treatment Nur ein Spiel

2008: not awarded

2007: Christoph Hochenbichler and Josef Pallwein-Prettner for the Treatment Fünf Leben

2006: Lilly Jäckl for the Treatment Ildiko

2005: Christian Frosch for the Treatment Vanitas

2004: Simone Schönett and Harald Schwinger for the Treatment Innere Liebe

2003: Barbara Grascher for the Treatment Gehen rückwärts stumm
as well as Richard Schuberth for the Treatment Nicht einmal am Mond

2002: Ursula Wolschlager for the Treatment Transit
as well as Thomas Klein for the Treatment Polterabend

2001: Richard Stradner for the Treatment Böhmische Elefanten
as well as Arno Geiger and Tobias Albrecht for the Treatment Steinwald und Atamanov

2000: Peter Stastny for the Treatment Tikkun
as well as Helmut Wimmer for the Treatment Akt


Award winners of the Carl Mayer ORF-Prize for TV-oriented Topics
(this prize was awarded between 2000–2007)

2007 Ulla Neuwirther Running Sushi

2006 Susanne Rendl Magda’s Dilemma

2005: not awarded

2004 Bernd Schneider Abidjan

2003 Ulla Neuwirther Lisa, Lena und Laura

2002 Daniela Egger World Wide Violence

2001: not awarded

2000 Uwe Neuhold and Thomas Klein Memorex


Award winners of the Thomas Pluch Screenwriting Prize

2023: Marie Kreutzer for Corsage

2022: Thomas Reider and Sebastian Meise for GROSSE FREIHEIT

2021: Ulrike Kofler, Sandra Bohle and Marie Kreutzer for Was wir wollten

2020: Johanna Moder for Waren einmal Revoluzzer

2019: Christian Frosch for the Script Murer – Anatomie eines Prozesses

2018: Kathrin Resetarits for the Script LICHT

2017: Händl Klaus for the Script Kater

2016: Elisabeth Scharang for the Script Jack

2015: Karl Markovics for the Script SUPERWELT

2014: Götz Spielmann for the Script Oktober November
as well as Agnes Pluch and Nikolaus Leytner for Die Auslöschung

2013: Petra Ladinigg and Umut Dağ for the Script Kuma

2012: Markus Schleinzer for the Script Michael

2011: Martin Ambrosch 
for the Script Spuren des Bösen

2010: Jessica Hausner for the Script Lourdes

2009: Arash T. Riahi for the Script Ein Augenblick Freiheit

2008: Ernst Gossner for the Script South Of Pico

2007: Stefan Ruzowitzky for the Script Die Fälscher

2006: Michael Glawogger for the Script Slumming

2005: Jessica Hausner for the Script Hotel

2004: Barbara Albert for the Script Böse Zellen

2001: Barbara Albert for the Script Nordrand

1998: Stefan Ruzowitzky for the Script Siebtelbauern


Award winners of the Thomas Pluch Screenwriting Prize
Special Prize by the jury

2023: Tizza Covi for VERA

2022: Kurdwin Ayub for SONNE

2021: Arman T. Riahi for Fuchs im Bau
as well as Pia Hierzegger for Waidmannsdank

2020: Sandra Wollner for The Trouble With Being Born

2019: Gregor Schmidinger for NEVRLAND

2018: Clemens Setz, Sebastian Brauneis and Nicholas Ofczarek for Zauberer

2017: Monja Art for Siebzehn and Tizza Covi for Mister Universo

2016: Stefan Hafner and Thomas Weingartner for Wenn du wüsstest, wie schön es hier ist

2015: Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala for Ich seh Ich seh

2014: Sudabeh Mortezai for Macondo

2013: Xaver Bayer, Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel for Der Glanz des Tages
as well as (divided prize)  Catalina Molina for Unser Lied and Jürgen Karasek for Novemberlichter

2012: Thomas Reider and Sebastian Meise for the Script Stillleben
as well as Stefanie Franz for the Script Papa

2011: Erwin Wagenhofer for the Script Black Brown White
as well as Houchang Allahyari for the Script Die verrückte Welt der Ute Bock

2010: Thomas Woschitz for the Script Universalove
as well as Jasmina Eleta for the Script Fern & Nah
as well as Anna Schwingenschuh for the Script Der Herzerlfresser

2009: Alexander Stecher for the Script Das große Glück sozusagen
as well as Katharina Mückstein for the Script Die Vereinigung
as well as Severin Fiala and Ulrike Putzer for the Script Elefantenhaut

2008: Lukas Miko for the Script Das gefrorene Meer
as well as Libertad Hackl and Lena Kammermeier for the Script Bleiben will ich, wo ich nie gewesen bin

2007: Marie Kreutzer for the Script White Box
as well as Christoph Grissemann, Dirk Stermann, Heinz Strunk, Antonin Svoboda and Jörg Kalt for the Script Immer nie am Meer

2006: Johanna Moder and Pia Hierzegger for the Script Her mit dem schönen Leben
as well as David Schalko for the Script Heaven

2005: Michael Ramsauer for the Script Echos
as well as Jörg Kalt for the Script Crash Test Dummies

2004: Andrea Dusl for the Script Blue Moon
as well as Ulrike Schweiger for the Script Twinni

2001: Sabine Hiebler and Gerhard Ertl for the Script Nogo
as well as Jessica Hausner for the Script Lovely Rita

1998: Goran Rebic for Jugofilm
as well as Philipp Mosser and Bernhard Schmid for the Script Elu Sonntag Sonderbar


Award winners of the Thomas Pluch Screenwriting Prize for short or medium length feature films 

2023: Kálmán Nagy for Das andere Ende der Straße

2022: Fatih Gürsoey for Neverinland

2021: Klara von Veegh for Fidibus
as well as Mo Harawe for Life on the Horn

2020: Stefan Langthaler for Fabiu

2019: Albert Meisl for Die Schwingen des Geistes

2018: Timothy Bidwell for Der Ausflug, after an idea by Jürgen Karasek

2017: Nora Friedel for Mimikri

2016: Maria Luz Olivares Capelle for Wald der Echos

2015: Rafael Haider for Esel

2014: Vanessa Gräfingholt, Clara Trischler (script) and Jakob Pretterhofer (script collaborator) for Tuppern




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