Festival des österreichischen Films
21.–26. März 2023, Graz

Strategies for a sustainable festival culture



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Diagonale GOES GREEN

With strategies for a sustainable festival culture – 2011, the Diagonale begins an innovative marketing concept and distinguishes itself as one of the first cultural institutions in Austria with a new strategy of social responsibility. The concept of “Green Responsibilty” is a red thread throughout all marketing activities as well as the entire event, and it positions the Festival of Austrian Film as an involved cultural “Green Event Austria.”

The aim of the new marketing strategy is to make a contribution, take on concrete responsibility for sustainable and raise public awareness. We encourage you to do the same!

2011 marks the beginning of comprehensive sustainable marketing. Central to this theme are thought-provoking impulses as well as incentives for other businesses. Many more activities are planned for the future.

Responsibility for the environment and sustainability is reflected in every advertising presence of the Diagonale in 2011: We preferably order forms and gimmicks at local or Austrian producers, which are either made from natural products or – in accordance with the recycling concept “Cradel2Cradle” – from recycled material. Products from businesses without sustainable criteria are no longer eligible for the festival.

Also, the catering of the festival of Austrian film 2011 focuses more on local and organic products.

To successfully implement the concept of sustainable production, we need consistent environmentally compatible product design. The challenge in 2011 is to create an effective and yet ecology-minded media concept. Material properties and design are two important connecting factors in this regard. Approved seals of quality for recycling and the environment display the concept of “green responsibility” on all media used.

The Diagonale presents itself in 2011 as an entirely “green event” in all of its advertising media, as well as in its use of available resources. Consistent waste prevention and reduction of the number of copies published for advertising media have utmost priority. Forms and gimmicks are therefore strictly calculated by demand, caterers work largely with reusable materials and plastic bottles are generally not used.

The goal of the new strategy is, among other things, to raise public awareness for the necessary reduction of CO2. Visitors and participants are therefore invited to personally contribute to this cause, for example in their individual journey to the festival. In 2011, public transportation and bicycle riding are thus greatly encouraged.