Festival of Austrian Film
March 21–26, 2023, Graz

Film ProgramTimetable | Directors

Wednesday, 06.04.
21:00, KIZ Royal 1
Thursday, 07.04.
15:00, KIZ Royal 1


Documentary Film, AT 2022, digital, 120 min, dOF

Amidst the protests opposing the Covid protection measures, people capture public space collectively, swing banners, chant rallying cries. The film accompanies three men who look towards the newly formed movement from different perspectives, and at the same time, always also look at themselves. With the smartphone, one’s own image in the hand at all times, they speak about “freedom”—that it might be abolished. 

Director: Gerald Igor Hauzenberger
Script: Gerald Igor Hauzenberger
Cast: Michael Bonvalot, Alexander Ehrlich, Numan Mohammad
Camera: Gerald Igor Hauzenberger
Editor: Stefan Fauland
Location Sound: Geri Rauscher
Music: Martin Mitterstieler
Sounddesign: Lara Zill, Sophie Wasserburger
Additional Credits: Grafik, Art Design: Tatjana Flatz, Stefanie Edelhofer 2nd Unit Kamera: Dominik Spritzendorfer, Oleksandra Kurbala, Geri Rauscher
Producers: Gerald Igor Hauzenberger
Production: Framelab Filmproduktion