Festival of Austrian Film
March 21–26, 2023, Graz

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Wednesday, 06.04.
11:00, Schubertkino 1
Thursday, 07.04.
17:30, Rechbauer

Outside Noise

Short Film, DE/AT 2021, digital, 61 min, OmeU
Program: Kurzspielfilm Programm 1

Ever since she was in New York, Daniela hasn’t been able to sleep well. Her friend Mia is writing her master’s thesis and is having a difficult time. The two hang out all summer with Natascha from Berlin, talk, stroll, and go to worthless parties. Outside Noise tells of a transitory moment—nothing much happens, time stands still and precisely in doing so becomes discernible. 

Director: Ted Fendt
Script: Daniela Zahlner, Mia Sellmann, Ted Fendt
Cast: Daniela Zahlner, Mia Sellmann, Natascha Manthe, Genevieve Havemeyer-King, Hani Alaraj, Manu Bäuerle, Katharina Maria Grabner, Ted Fendt, Stefanie Zingl
Camera: Sage Einarsen, Britni West, Jenny Lou Ziegel
Editor: Ted Fendt
Location Sound: Johannes Schmelzer-Ziringer, Melissa Dullius, Sean Dunn
Additional Credits: Tonmischung: Daniel D‘Errico
Producers: Zsuzsanna Kiràly, Barbara Pichler, Gabriele Kranzelbinder
Production: Flaneur Films
Co-production: Jeonju Cinema Project (KR) KGP Filmproduktion