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Short Film, AT 2014, Farbe, 24 min., OmeU
Diagonale 2015

Director, Script: Rafael Haider
Cast: Haymon Maria Buttinger, Ingrid Burkhard, Karl Fischer
Camera: Lukas Schöffel
Editor: Birgit Bergmann
Sounddesign: Birgit Bergmann
Production Design: Ina Chrudina
Producers: Lola Basara-Hengl
Production: Filmakademie Wien


A farm in winter. Shrouded in clammy gray, an elderly married couple goes about their increasingly arduous and silent everyday life. Even the donkey has seen better days. The impending loss of the beloved animal turns focus to their (own) mortality. A parable about dying and the associated farewell – photographed atmospherically, and tender until the very end.