Festival of Austrian Film
March 19–24, 2019, Graz

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Thursday, 15.03.
11:00, Schubertkino 2
Saturday, 17.03.
20:30, Schubertkino 1


Feature Film, AT 2018, 98 min, OmeU

Phaidros is based on Plato’s eponymous dia- logue and plays in an LBQT+ milieu of a present-day metropolis. The actor Emil is meant to embody the character of the poet Phaedrus in a battle of words with Werner Maria, who slips into the role of Socrates. When the borders between friendship and sexual initiation soon blur beyond the events on stage, too, the shrill, carnivalesque scenario turns into grotesque love triangles and quadrangles, which ultimately even cause a casualty. 

Director: Mara Mattuschka
Script: Mara Mattuschka
Cast: Julian Sharp, May Teodosio, Tamara Mascara, Nicola Filippelli, Alexander E. Fennon
Camera: Sepp Nermuth
Editor: Mara Mattuschka
Location Sound: Werner Beham Markus Glatzl
Music: Roumen Dimitrov
Sounddesign: Vinzenz Schwab
Production Design: Paul Horn
Costumes: Peter Paradies
Producers: Mara Mattuschka