Festival of Austrian Film
March 8–13, 2016, Graz

All Austrian feature films* presented in the Diagonale 2015 program and with a length of more than 60 minutes are eligible for the Great Diagonale Prize/Feature Film.

* An Austrian film is defined according to the Diagonale rules as one where the director is an Austrian citizen and/or lives in Austria and/or one produced by an Austrian production company (majority Austrian financing, in the case of co-productions). Only films produced with minority Austrian financing by directors who do not live in Austria and/or are not Austrian citizens, as well as television productions which are not intended for commercial cinema release are excluded from competition.


Grand Diagonale Prize Feature

by the province of Styria

Best Austrian Feature Film

€ 15,000 donated by Land Steiermark/Kultur

Services worth € 4,000 donated by Synchro Film, Video & Audio GmbH

Services worth € 2,000 donated by Mischief Films – Filmdatensicherung

The prize money is given to the director of the film, the non-cash prize goes to the film’s production company.

Award winner: Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala for Ich seh Ich seh

Ich seh ich seh 03 c Stadtkino Filmverleih

Ich seh ich seh © Stadtkino Filmverleih







Laudatory mention: Von jetzt an kein Zurück by Christian Frosch

VON JETZT AN KEIN ZURUECK c Jost Hering Filme - Prisma Film 021

Von jetzt an kein Zurück © Jost Hering Filme / Prisma Film









Jury 2015
Birgit Hutter (costume designer, AT)
Barbara Schweizerhof (film critic, epd Film, DE)
Herbert Schwering (producer, COIN Film, DE)