Festival of Austrian Film
March 13–18, 2018, Graz

Film Awards and Juries

Photo: Diagonale/Miriam Raneburger

Photo: Diagonale/Miriam Raneburger


In the context of the Diagonale’17, a total of roughly € 195,000 has been awarded in prizes. At the Awards Ceremony, 17 film awards were presented, including the Grand Diagonale Prizes of the State of Styria, each endowed with € 21,000 for the best Austrian Feature Film, and Documentary Film. Die Liehaberin/A Decent Woman by Lukas Valenta Rinner was honored as the best Austrian Feature Film. Ivette Löcker’s tense family portrait Was uns bindet won the Grand Diagonale Prize for Documentary Film. The Innovative Cinema Prize of the City of Graz, endowed with € 9.000, was given to Katrina Daschner for Pferdebusen. This year’s Diagonale Acting Prize went to Verena Altenberger for her role in Die beste aller Welten/The Best Of All Worlds and to Philipp Hochmair for his appearance in KATER/TOMCAT. Young director Adrian Goiginger was honored with the audience prize for his debut feature Die beste aller Welten/The Best Of All Worlds.


Grand Diagonale-Prize Feature Film (€ 21.000)
Best Austrian Feature Film
Lukas Valenta Rinner for Die Liebhaberin/A Decent Woman

Grand Diagonale-Prize Documentary Film (€ 21.000)
Best Austrian Documentary Film
Ivette Löcker for Was uns bindet

Diagonale-Prize Innovative Cinema (€ 9.000)
Best Innovative, Experimental or Animated Film
Katrina Daschner for Pferdebusen

Best Short Feature Film (€ 5.000)
Clara Stern for MATHIAS

Best Short Documentary Film (€ 4.000)
Kristina Schranz for SPIELFELD

Best Young Talent Film (€ 4.000)
Santiago Rodríguez Durán for Revolución Solar

Diagonale Prize Best Actress (€ 3.000)
Verena Altenberger for Die beste aller Welten/The Best Of All Worlds

Diagonale Prize Best Actor (€ 3.000)
Philipp Hochmair for KATER/TOMCAT

Diagonale Prize Cinematography (€ 3.000 each)
Wolfgang Thaler, Sebastian Thaler for Ugly (Feature)
Attila Boa for UNTITLED (Documentary)

Diagonale Prize Editing (€ 3.000 each)
Ulrike Kofler, Monika Willi, Christoph Brunner for WILDE MAUS/WILD MOUSE (Feature)
Christin Veith, Cordula Thym for RELATIV EIGENSTÄNDIG (Documentary)

Diagonale Prize Sounddesign (€ 1.500 each)
Nahuel Palenque for Die Liebhaberin/A Decent Woman (Feature)
Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger for Homo Sapiens (Documentary)

Diagonale Prize for Production Design and Costume Design (€ 3.000 each)
Veronika Merlin for Die beste aller Welten/The Best Of All Worlds (Production Design Feature)
Monika Buttinger for Die Migrantigen/The Migrumpies (Costume Design Feature)

Prize for Innovative Production Services (€ 7.500 each)
Allegro Film for Bauer unser, Vento Film for Mister Universo, Wega Film for WILDE MAUS/WILD MOUSE