Festival of Austrian Film
March 8–13, 2016, Graz




March 18 & 19, 2015
Hotel Weitzer


The film industry meeting is supported by creativ wirtschaft austria, FISA – Location Austria, Television Fund Austria, Creative Europe Desk Austria-MEDIA, Autlook Filmsales, Canon, and ecoversum.









Film Industry Forum

Each year the Diagonale organises an Industry Meeting.
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This year’s topic at the Film Industry Forum:
Film Financing & Funding

This year’s Diagonale film industry forum focuses on the economic aspects of filmmaking. Taken into consideration in a well-founded confrontation with current issues are both the European context and the effects on the Austrian film scene. The event also offers the chance for networking among the local colleagues and international guests. Following the past years’ successful branch meetings, in 2015, we are taking up the theme of film financing. In terms of the financing situation of film production, a cold wind is blowing in Europe. Austria has long been seen as an island of the blessed—and the past several years, in which the Austrian film branch has been able to celebrate unbelievable success and a steadily rising production volume seems to confirm this. But international dynamics are threatening to catch up with us now; despite increases in the budget of the Austrian Film Institute and newly created funding agencies, such as the FISA, the financial situation is tense and the branch’s expectations are rather pessimistic. Therefore, this year’s branch meeting addresses the current problems of financing and promotion, as well as concrete suggestions and possible solutions.



Industry Accreditation

Those accredited include representatives of film, television, video and cinema, professionally active filmmakers, film students and representatives of other film festivals. The festival reserves the right to decide upon accreditations after reviewing the required references and/or documents. Please note that this year there will be a 10 Euro fee for your accreditation, which is due upon pick up.

Please contact us via email or telephone between 7 January and 16 February 2015, stating your name and all necessary details around your profession/company. We will get in touch with you after reviewing your documents:
Doris Hochrieser

The Diagonale Sector Accreditation includes:
– free tickets for all films in the festival program
– a complimentary copy of the Diagonale catalogue
– free access to the current exhibitions at the Kunsthalle Graz

The Industry Accreditation does not automatically give access to the Diagonale opening or the Diagonale Award Ceremony.


Festival Hotels

Our festival hotels can be found here. Please, inform us, we will be booking for you.